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What's big, heavy, yellow and smelly?

Our Unimog

The best off roader in the world, a big badass mercedes-benz. We'd fancied a Landy, and had been considering different types (road, race or resto) when I found this beast in a scrapyard about a mile from my house.

Arriving on a truck Separation

It took about 3 days to talk Derek into it, shortly afterwards it got dropped off, above.

Basically, for the few hundred pounds we paid, a f**king bargain. She's got 7,500Km on the clock, and it may actually be true. I think she (Ingrid) has just been parked outside for a few years. The cab's knacked, the chassis is good.

reduced to a shell welding stuff on

General aim is to lop the top off, make a canvas roof, put a flat back on and convert to LPG. Then she's going to the 2006 (yes, this said 2005 before!) IoM TT races with a bike on the back.

Gearbox going back on Chassis and springs

Slowly but surely, we're getting there. It will be on the road in 2005, it will, it will.

Gearbox going back on Fuel tanks and stuff

Almost certainly, it won't have a roof!.

New grille and floor Orange

But it will be a very bright orange, and will have a shiny grille!

Cab going on Cab On

It is very bright orange and has a shiny grille!

Outside and being driven At last, mud

It is now covered in mud

With a back on Stuck

And I got it stuck!

Well, it's time to draw this bit to a close and move on to playing with and upgrading the mog.

jim (at foodfight dot org dot uk)