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You'll need crisps and pop and stuff.

Mogstock is a relatively primitive affair - there are bogs, running water and the ground, which will probably be muddy. Last time, chairs, torches, hats, baby wipes and brew making facilities were rated items.

We'll bring a big communal BBQ for Mog Central, but feel free to bring your own as well. Wood for a bonfire would be useful, as would bits of recovery gear, lights and gazebos.

Cost is 25 per day for offroading and camping - this time we can play both days.



Arrive late afternoon onwards, booze, fire, BBQ - that sort of thing. Kicking tyres, putting up tents and telling tall tales.


Start about 9.30/10am, we'll have the site all day. I hope there's some mud.

In the evening we'll drink more and try and fix what broke!


We can use the facilities again, skidaddle off home or maybe go down a lane or two.

Lets have a bigger line up!

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The site is Coney Green Farm, Bewdley, Worcestershire. See the map to the left, or click here for a bigger map.

See you there!