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The trials and tribulations of building a large hovercraft in a small space.

Oh my god, it flies!!! (*err, I've fixed the link*) (5MB mpg)

Oh my god, it flies in a field (*new 4/9/3*)!!! (5MB mpg)

sorry love...... packed to the gills this *does* look good check the blur haa, haa, haa get out of the way, sucker
At some point last year (2002) a friend and I decided we wanted a toy. Various ruminations around the idea of a fire engine, forward control land rover or beach buggy were rejected after watching "Extreme Hovercraft" on 'telly.

If *you'd* like a hovercraft, start here at the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain

We didn't want one of these "little" racers, we wanted room for friends and beer. Shortly afterwards we found ourselves driving up the M5 after buying a 3 seat plywood hull and a broken engine off a "shabby traffic copper" (sorry Taff :) ) in Devon.

This site documents the construction, and undoubted destruction of the craft.

One of the original hoverers dropped out due to other commitments, there are 2 of us paying, and me doing most of the work. So far, we're up to about £2K plus change. Gulp, hope it works.

The craft is an Eagle 3 (plans from K&M Hovercraft - ). It is an integrated craft (one fan rather than two), made from plywood and batons, reinforced with fibreglass. It has a segmented (finger) skirt, rather than a bag skirt. Motive power is from a motorcycle engine we got for £50 (Honda NTV600), rather than the typical rotax microlight engine (at ~£1.5K for a good one, we'll wait).

jim (at foodfight dot org dot uk)

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