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Pete's Projectile Projects Page

Pete's Prospering Purposeless Projectile Projects Page

I bought a little pump for an air bed. We started doing jet-bottles with it.

Then we got bored and started using a diving cylinder instead (3000 psi!).

Check out Pete getting hit in the head with a bottle jet! 600Kb mpeg.

Ah, what have we started?
So, there's me, slaving over a hot Unimog, and all Pete can do is bolt bits of ali together and make a launcher for bottle rockets.

Anyone spot an obsession coming on? Will report back soon

It's rather a clever release mechanism, I'm impressed. The collar holds the tie wraps in, and they hold the bottle. A couple of bits of string to tug the collar down, and bob's your uncle.

We shall try it soon (19/12/04)

It looks good and works well, it seems the shape of the bottles has changed recently, and they don't quite fit.

I forgot the 'O' rings as well, so it didn't seat airtight.

Just for once we got video footage of it here (3.7mb WMV).