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Other bits and bats, probably engine-less

A home for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else, pictures of the cat, that sort of thing.

Download for reference now, print it and keep in a laminated pouch.

The Tramp Index (PDF), an exceptionally well researched paper into the micro-economics of drinking, ie what's got the most bang per buck.

Err, yes, this is me.

Got roped into a sponsored walk for Water Aid, however it was only 8 miles. Since I have walked further for a drink before, a group of mates said they wouldn't do it unless I wore "a pink tutu and an afro".

OK, so it ain't pink, but hey!

I decided it was time to have an organising session in the garage. Off to Wickes to get wood, screws and bolts and off we go. This is the only kind of woodwork I can get into; big, strong and functional.

In other words, it don't have to be pretty. I don't do pretty.

This is what happens when the Titan probe images do battle with a picture of Austyn the cat.
Autumn 2002, a small ISP somewhere in Manchester, Children in Need, a surprise celeb cheque presentation, the boss and an interpretation of the David Brent dance, enjoy the Special Dale Dance (44 MB mpg)
The garage is getting terribly full at the moment.

Austyn is, as usual, making sure of something - I'm not quite sure what of

Yes, another picture of the cat, but I quite like this one....