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Mogstock 2008 - the second one!

Mogstock 2008 - A very, very late write up.

A sow's ear.
Friday I set off at great speed in the mog. Got halfway there and all hell broke loose, it wouldn't run. After various hops, skips and jumps I ended up broken down on the A49 in the arse end of nowhere. I got it down to a fuel problem including needing a new filter. Being me, I'd broken down near "Lou Coffin" - a petrol station and garage who actually had a fuel filter! For a pound! Trouble was, being the prime minister and everything, I didn't have a pound. He was fine with my mates paying him on the way past. What a guy.

That half cured it, but then I had to clean the banjo fitting at the top of the tank - the result of the first high speed run of the year, the fuel tank really is nasty.

Anyway, got there to find the original mogstock crew gathering. We had beer and a fire and things like that.

I try and do some bizarre event every year or so ("EvilStock" festival is the other) and I have an almost supernatural grip over the weather, but not this time! It rained on the saturday, but I guess that made it more fun, with deeper ruts.

Simon was dispatched to lead the tall unimogs round the "easy loop", because the rest of the joint has trees. It was a bit rutted.
That's the point at which simon became an increasingly effective ground anchor for me, until I had to winch him (jeez, aren't 'leccy winches slow!
The bigger mogs skipped past us kids until they too hit ruts
He got through no problem
Simon then successfully goaded me into trying a little run, which I failed, as there was an annoying slippery root. I am still scarred by the shame.
Respect to Rick and Amanda in big blue camper

I'm bloody glad I organised it with NNOC made everything nice, easy - and insured.

I think I'll do it next year (2009), it worked out for all of us.

Apologies for the lack of photos and video, but I didn't take a camera. Thanks to Simon Allen (aka niva ground anchor) for the pictures. You can see them all on his photobucket page.

Have a dig round the site, have a look at the last one and bring your mog to the next Mogstock!

You can contact me at

See you there!