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Two large and stupid motorcycles

Introducing Bruce - a Yamaha Tenere (XT600), and Bess - a BMW K75S

Those of you who know the Ditton will recognise this beast. I bought it off him in a broken state and fixed it when I moved house. No electric start, as it's a £350 fix.

I've passed my test now and am officially a fair weather biker.

I'm rather fond of a little off roading, and this was part of a (failed) attempt to go green laning with Pete on the back.

We were repelled by mud :(

I wasn't in the pub this time when the idea hit me. It still didn't take long (idea -> email -> bank -> rotherham -> snake pass = 4 days). Found it from a bloke at work, offered at a friendly price.

A 1993 BMW k75s. A 750cc, inline 3 cylinder shaft drive bike with ABS. Perhaps a little on the tourer side of sports tourer, but a fine bike. It ain't a sports bike, but it handles well and goes well enough for me at the moment.

In the week I've had it, I've done 450 miles, all bar about 30 in rain.

I'm officially not a fair weather biker any more, although I hope to get some sun at some point.